a Listening Experiment

I recently read that the means that the music industry uses to create interest in their products is repetition. The idea that if you hear a song more than a half-dozen times you’ll find yourself liking it, no matter how awful it is (this could explain why people find themselves singing songs to themselves that they know are bad, but can’t seem to help themselves).

Let’s also take into account the fact that big name shows are usually quite expensive (I payed about a C-knote for a ticket to the last Soundgarden show I went to). This brings us to an experiment I’d like you to try, which could also save you a bunch of money:

  1. Pick a local band in a genre you like 2.Find an original song of theirs 3. Listen to it everyday for a week (or more)

You may find that you like the local band song as much as any “major label” tracks. Since local groups charge way less for tickets, you get to go to a show that you like w/out having to spend such unholy amounts of money (and as a plus, you can actually see the band. Probably even talk w/ them afterward). Also, since they’re local, you’ll have more opportunities to witness them, rather than having to wait a year or more for them to come around.

I’d suggest you try this a few times w/ a few different groups. I’m not saying you can’t like national or global acts. But participating in your local scene has financial as well as other advantages.


P.S. There are plenty of local musicians who will read this and think “Yeah, other people should do this.” I know plenty of musicians on my scene who find the time to go to a lot of big names shows but never show up at their peers’ performances. If you want people to attend your shows, try going to other local shows. It’s that idea that if you want something, give it away.

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