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I recently read (and commented on) a Facebook post by the mandolinist Buddy Merriam. He was making a plea for support of his music. Now, to me, Buddy is a bluegrass icon on Long Island.¬† The idea that he has to ask for support seems utterly ridiculous. But thinking about it more carefully, I feel …

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Getting a Great Show

When I did the Landmark Forum (and if you like I can rant about that for a page and a half) there was an exercise we did where one person talks about a topic they’re passionate about, while their partner makes a point of ignoring them. It was amazing how difficult it was to put …

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Music and Spirit

Me (Twang!) and Matt were speaking, and both of us were remarking on how for us, music was a very spiritual thing. And by this I don’t mean some kind of candles in a dark room while chanting incantations type of thing. Just that we tend not to listen to music passively, but¬†actively. Surrendering to …

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