Spurious Comments

Me (Twang!, the cat writing these post, in case you weren’t aware) and Matt (the other member of Coincidence Machine) were commenting at the last rehearsal (well, complaining, actually) about the comments we’ve gotten concerning our music. Not that they were bad comments. It’s just that we’ve noticed that people do one of two things: praise our musicianship or: provide constructive criticism on our musicianship. No one ever comments on the songs themselves.

I’ve been thinking about this, and I assume it’s due to one very human trait: people our (possibly) trying to give us the responses they believe we want. Those who know us know how seriously we take our musical skills, so they figure that we either want to be praised for that (which is pretty cool, actually) or that we’re seeking advice on how to better ourselves (which I rarely pay attention to. I’m not sure about Matt).

But then it occurs to me that I may be bringing this about by behaving the same way. Like when I commented on the guitar solo in Orange Television‘s song “Bill Cosby” (which is incendiary) or Ronnie Lanzilotta’s bass line in Evolfo Doofeht‘s “You Light Me Up” (which is kick-ass). Both statements are true, but I think I may also be tempering what I say to try to give the listener what I think they want to hear.

(Amusing aside: I remember telling Howie of OTV how much I enjoyed his “Bill Cosby” solo to which he pointed out that he’s playing keys on that song, and the solo was the other guitarist. Kind of awkward.)

I think another issue is that in our culture there seems to be this idea that w/ regard to the arts one must justify one’s tastes. One can’t just say “I like the new John Wilkes Booth material”, you feel compelled to say “I really enjoy the more melodic direction Booth is taking, and the increased use of harmonic motion and modified tachyon emotions really makes their sets intriguing.” or some bullshit like that.

Why do we do this? We don’t do it in other areas, like w/ food, for example. When I say I like pineapple and ham on pizza, no one starts to explain about how pepperoni and onion is a superior pizza due to it’s combination of ingredients being more in tune w/ the frequencies of the cosmos (or some bullshit like that. At least they don’t say it to me.

So I guess the short of it is the next time anyone solicits my opinion about any music, theirs or someone else’s, I’m going to attempt to just let them know how the music makes me feel, and skip all the hyperbole.

If I’m able.


BTW: Coincidence Machine just made our new song available at our website. It’s here. We welcome all comments, including hyperbole.


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