More Temporal Mechanics

I (Twang!) had to wake up at 8:20 in the morning for a rehearsal last week. Due to our unusual schedules, and the fact that we live in two different states, we often have to rehearse at times not really suited to music (imagine if we added a third member from Connecticut how impossible rehearsing would become). I always forget how dreary it is at 8:20 AM, or is it just me that’s dreary at that time? In fact, I tend to forget that there even is an 8:20 AM. I’ve even heard rumors of a 6:30 AM, but I assume that’s along the lines of an urban legend. We’ve all heard stories of 6:30 in the morning, but has anyone ever really seen it?
But anyway, I drag my ass out of bed at 8:20, drive to the parking lot (the one that they never ticket in, I assume ‘cos it’s next to the library, and they probably figure that no one uses a library anymore, so they don’t want to discourage it by ticketing folk parked there past the legal time frame), 5-10 minute walk to the train w/ two instruments and a gym bag of electronics strapped to my back, take the train to Manhattan, fight thru the biomass at Penn Station, walk a few blocks to the studio and set up my gear and tune the guitars and basses. And after all this, I have to somehow play and sing.
I used to video-record our rehearsals, figuring that some of the clips could be used on YouTube or wherever, but in general it’s difficult to perform to an acceptable standard in these conditions. I guess the good part is that if I can do just alright at these rehearsals then the performances should really be good. If nothing else they’ll feel easier.
For those of you around here, we’re performing in Valley stream on the 15th of February. Check our website for details.



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