the Struggle of New Material


So me and Matt had our weekly phone meeting last Friday. The struggle isn’t in the writing of new stuff, we’ve currently got too much of that. The issue is garnering the resources (time and/or money) to have these compositions fully realized. We’re presently finishing up “Far Away from Home” (I think there’s still a demo of this on the web somewhere). The track is finished, there’s just some issues with getting the sound right (I won’t bore you attempting to explain the complicated processes of mixing and equalizing and all, partly ‘cos I’m not sure how well I understand it myself). I expect it will be fully finished before the new year.

There is a new song in the works: “I Am” If you click on the title you can listen to the demo. I’m hoping to post rehearsal takes and such, all leading to the final recording so that those of you who find such things interesting can follow the whole process (those of you who don’t find such things interesting can spend your time doing something else). I wrote it a couple of weeks ago and quickly did a demo. At first it sounded to me like I was completely aping Adrian Belew, but now it just sounds like a subtle rip-off. These things can surprise me, though. There are songs I wrote one way and after working it out w/ whatever group I’m in, have turned out very different (like “the Price”, which started out as a 60’s sounding jam tune, but became a Jazz/R&B groove after Matt got done w/ it). Fortunately, I like surprises.


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